The Chairperson

 Prof. M. Ramachandran, the Chairman of Royal Educational Public Trust, is a teacher par excellence. His in-depth knowledge in the subject coupled with his humanitarian vision, made him a very popular figure in Mulund. He was optimistic that education was the only panacea for many of the problems faced by the society and with this aim he started the Royal Education Public Trust. To accomplish his dream he gave away a lucrative, permanent job and also his successful Stellarc Commerce Classes at Mulund.

The Trust has now five schools to its credit with two schools in Maharashtra and three in Tamilnadu in South India. The first school started by Prof M Ramachandran about three decades before was the MVM Vidya Mandir which is located in Tirunelveli District in Tamilnadu. Education provided in the right way makes the school flag soar high. MVM VidyaMandir was not an exception to this. Though the school follows the state curriculum, more than 70% of the students qualify for entrance tests in Medicine and Engineering. Prof M Ramachandran through his dedication proved that a noble act, done with a nobler vision will bring the best results ever.

Though a rural school, the success of MVM Vidya Mandir earned him the best reputation in the state. This inspired him to start the Nashik Cambridge School (CBSE Syllabus) in Nashik, The Seven Isles International School (International Curriculum) in Mumbai, The WestWood Cambridge School (CBSE Syllabus) in Tirunelveli and the latest addition The Gardencourt School (CBSE Syllabus) near Nagercoil in Tamilnadu. It is the trust that the parents and teachers have bestowed upon Prof. M Ramachandran which motivates him to continue with his dream of moulding young minds through his schools. This may look a single step but it is truly for a giant leap in making India earning its name etched in the sands of time.


Mr. Rahul Ramachandran

Mrs. Bharati Ramachandran

Mrs. Bharati Ramachandran



Mrs. Bharati Ramachandran

Mrs. Bharati Ramachandran

Mrs. Bharati Ramachandran



The Principal

Shri. V P Prabhu, The Principal of Seven Isles International School is a good academician, a motivated Chemistry teacher who is a Gold Medallist from Bharathidasan University. A post graduate in Chemistry from St. Josehp’s College, Trichy, Mr.Prabhu is a Level Three IB and IGCSE trained teacher and an Assistant IB Examiner for Higher Level (HL).

Mr.Prabhu is pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Coordination Chemistry under the able Guidance of Dr. S. Bheeter, Head, Department of Chemistry, St.Joseph's College, Trichy affiliated to Bharathidasan University.

Mr. Prabhu is well versed with IB and IGCSE programmes, has conducted workshops for new IB schools in various parts of India. A firm believer in Swami Vivekananda’s philosophy of “A sound mind in a sound body”, Mr. Prabhu takes deep interest in sports too. He is a rare combination of academics and spirituality, oriental values coupled with western pragmatism. 

From The Desk of The Principal

 “Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” 

- George Bernard Shaw 

Dear Parents/Guardians,


In the present education scenario adaptability on the part of the teacher and the student is very important. Each one of us has not only recognized the talent of the student or encourages the child to achieve but also inculcate the will to strive.

Perseverance alone can make any individual a genius. For this we have to incorporate the change and ensure that this process culminates in positive and constructive actions, as destinies are carved out of decisions that are taken today.

Change is the only consistent thing in life. Every change brings its share of problems as well as opportunities. The journey may not be smooth but then, “The one who dares, wins”. Each child is a winner and this global system of education will allow the child to fly high with hope and vigour. In order to make education meaningful, it should be fun and a fascinating adventure into the realm of personal development, personal efficiency and individual happiness.

It is necessary to change our attitudes, values and beliefs to avoid stagnation. Today the role of a school is not only to follow a particular curriculum but equip the child to become self-reliant in the world beyond the classroom. The school plays an important role in building and strengthening the character of the student that will not crumble when it is put to test in adulthood. We at SICIS are concerned with the all-round development of our students in an ever changing society.

We pledge to equip the student in the art of living successfully and efficiently by inculcating the spirit of sacrifice, discipline, courage and comradeship and to excel in every task he/she undertakes and thereby making them self-reliant citizens of tomorrow.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. V. P .Prabhu